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You Deserve a Second Chance

Restore and Improve Your Credit

At Truro Mazda, we’ve helped numerous clients buy the pre-owned vehicle they want even though they had poor credit. We can help you find the right financing plan for your situation, and even help you restore your credit.

Second chance credit financing solutions don’t have the greatest of reputations, and that’s because they often come with hidden fees and interest rates that will do your finances more harm than good. At Truro Mazda, we treat all of our clients with honesty and respect, so you don’t have to worry about the fine print here.

Everything you need to know about our second chance credit financing solutions will be explained in detail so that you can make an informed decision. Moreover, we’ll take the time to help you find the second chance credit solution that’s right for you so you can make the required monthly payments and therefore improve your credit. Finally, if you’re stuck with a loan that doesn’t make sense and has a ridiculous interest rate, visit Truro Mazda for our affordable and flexible loan refinancing plans.

To learn more about our financing plans and options, contact us today.

Restore and Improve Your Credit